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ICL publications at ACL and *SEM

ICL members will present six papers at the upcoming ACL and *SEM conferences:

  • Hieber, F. and Jehl, L. and Riezler, S.: Task Alternation in Parallel Sentence Retrieval for Twitter Translation. Proceedings of ACL.
  • Pado, S. and Šnajder, J. and Zeller, B.: Derivational Smoothing for Syntactic Distributional Semantics. Proceedings of ACL.
  • Roth, M. and Frank, A.: Automatically identifying implicit arguments to improve argument linking and coherence modeling. Proceedings of the Second Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics (*SEM).
  • Šnajder, J. and Pado, S. and Agić, Ž.: Building and Evaluating a Distributional Memory for Croatian. Proceedings of ACL.
  • Zeller, B. and Šnajder, J. and Pado, S.: DErivBase: Inducing and Evaluating a Derivational Morphology Resource for German. Proceedings of ACL.
  • Börschinger, B. and Johnson, M. and Demuth, K.: A joint model of word segmentation and phonological variation for English word-final /t/-deletion. Proceedings of ACL.
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