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New publications and data releases

New papers from the ICL Statistical Natural Language Processing Group have been accepted and published:

Stefan Riezler. On the Problem of Theoretical Terms in Empirical Computational Linguistics. Accepted for publication in Computational Linguisticsdraft paper | CL journal link ]

Artem Sokolov and Stefan Riezler. Task-driven Greedy Learning of Feature Hashing Functions. In Proceedings of the NIPS'13 Workshop "Big Learning: Advances in Algorithms and Data Management", Lake Tahoe, NV, USA. [ pdf ]

Patrick Simianer, Laura Jehl, Stefan Riezler. The Heidelberg University Machine Translation Systems for IWSLT2013. In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation 2013 (IWSLT 2013), Heidelberg, Germany. [ pdf ]

Furthermore, we released a Japanese-English corpus of patent abstracts for patent prior art search, consisting of 100K queries and relevance judgements for 1.4M documents. For more information and download, please see the  BoostCLIR  page.

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