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Papers accepted at the NAACL, KBCOM, LREC, TLT, IWPT, Depling and KCAP

NAACL 2018
Ana Marasović and Anette Frank. SRL4ORL: Improving Opinion Role Labelling using Multi-task Learning with Semantic Role Labeling.
Michael Wiegand, Josef Ruppenhofer, Anna Schmidt and Clayton Greenberg. Inducing a Lexicon of Abusive Words -- A Feature-Based Approach.

KBCOM 2018
Best paper award: Bhushan Kotnis and Vivi Nastase. Analysis of the Impact of Negative Sampling on Link Prediction in Knowledge Graphs.
Mengfei Zhou and Vivi Nastase. Using Patterns in Knowledge Graphs for Targeted Information Extraction.

LREC 2018
Vivi Nastase, Devon Fritz and Anette Frank. DeModify: A Dataset for Analyzing Contextual Constraints on Modifier Deletion.
Vivi Nastase and Julian Hitschler. Correction of OCR Word Segmentation Errors in Articles from the ACL Collection through Neural Machine Translation Methods.

TLT 2018
Ines Rehbein and Felix Bildhauer. Data point selection for genre-aware parsing.

IWPT 2017
Bich-Ngoc Do and Ines Rehbein. Evaluating LSTM models for grammatical function labelling.

Depling 2017
Ines Rehbein, Julius Steen, Bich-Ngoc Do, and Anette Frank. Universal Dependencies are hard to parse – or are they?

KCAP 2017
Bhushan Kotnis and Vivi Nastase. Learning Knowledge Graph Embeddings with Type Regularizer.

Congratulations to all authors, members of the AIPHES and LiMo Projects, for their fine work!

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