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Natural Language Processing Group

Welcome to the Natural Language Processing Group at the Computational Linguistics Department at Heidelberg University!

Our research focuses on Advanced Semantic Analysis and Discourse Processing Models for Natural Language Understanding.

Recent research themes and applications

  • Question Answering and Reading Comprehension
  • Discourse Relation Classification
  • Deep Sentiment Analysis
  • Multilingual Semantic Role Labeling
  • Abstract Anaphora Resolution
  • Knowledge-based Argumentation Analysis
  • Identifying Implicit Information in Discourse
  • Multimodal Language Processing
Take a look at our research projects and publications.


  • Three new publications at EMNLP, SemEx@ISWC and ArgMining@ACL
    • Angel Daza and Anette Frank: Translate and Label! An Encoder-Decoder Approach for Cross-lingual Semantic Role Labeling (EMNLP 2019)
    • Todor Mihaylov and Anette Frank: Discourse-Aware Semantic Self-Attention for Narrative Reading Comprehension (EMNLP 2019)
    • Ioana Hulpus, Jonathan Kobbe, Christian Meilicke, Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Maria Becker, Juri Opitz, Vivi Nastase and Anette Frank: Towards Explaining Natural Language Arguments with Background Knowledge (SemEx 2019)
  • Three members of the group will attend EurNLP 2019 in London to present and discuss their research:

Todor Mihaylov: Discourse-Aware Semantic Self-Attention for Narrative Reading Comprehension
    • Letitia Parcalabescu: Unsupervised Text to Scene Graph Alignment with WordNet Neighborhood
    • Debjit Paul: Graph-based Multi-Hop Commonsense Knowledge
  • The 2nd Heidelberg Summer School of Computational Humanities (HCH19) has just ended, with lectures, workshops and special events around Mixed Methods in the Computational Humanities. Co-organized by teams of Beatrix Busse, Anette Frank and the Leibniz ScienceCampus. Thanks to all contributors and participants!
  • Juri Opitz and Leo Born offered a half-day hands-on tutorial and workshop: Providing new views on textual data with knowledge graphs at HCH19 (details to come).
  • New publication on "Dissecting Content and Context in Argumentative Relation Analysis", by Juri Opitz and Anette Frank, to appear at the 6th Argument Mining Workshop at ACL 2019 in Florence.
  • New publications at NAACL, *SEM, DATeCH, LDK and RELATIONS!
  • We launched a new NLP blog, which is open to interested students and researchers to share views, insights and news about research in Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence.


Group leader Ph.D students Research group leaders Research assistents
  • Marinco Holzinger, Computational Linguistics
  • Sebastian Burst, B.A., Computational Linguistics
Former team members
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