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    Version: 1.0

    About the Project

    This project is motivated by the work done at the Institute of Psychology in Heidelberg, within an interdisciplinary course together with the Department of Computational Linguistics at Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg. The process of analyzing eye movements can be very time consuming, because you have to go through several steps with different tools that are DOS-based. This program is a kind of framework to simplify the whole process, based on studies related to questions dealing with computational linguistcs.

    The program itself finally represents the integration of the "toolchain". Converting files, clean up files, mapping info about regions of interest with info of the text stimulus and analyzing known eye- tracking measurements "first fixation", "first pass", and "total time".

    To run the program, you need Windows (internal programs are for Windows only) and at least Python 2.4 and PMW 1.2.

    Overall project data: eyesimplify.tar.gz


  • Tkinter and Windows - Vanishing Widgets:
    If you click on a button to save or open a file, sometimes it happens that the background window vanishes. Please move over the window with your mouse and everything will reappear.

  • Analysis Results:
    In comparison to the results with the original program "Eyedry", some numbers seem to be wrong. But it is not clear whether this is a problem with Eyedry or EyeSimplify. So please be carefully.



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