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Ana Marasovic

Ana Marasovic

I am a 3rd year PhD student in the Anette Frank’s Computational Linguistics Group and the interdisciplinary research training group AIPHES. My studies are supported by the DFG, the federal German research foundation.

I aim to desing neural models for deep understanding of opinions and their sentiment expressed in text.

My current research concerns

  • combating the problem of scarcity of annotated data for labelling of opinion roles with neural multi-task learning
  • desinging neural models for resolution of abstract anaphors, i.e. anaphors that refer to propositions, facts, events or properties
  • sentiment inference with the first-order logic domain knowledge

Prior to joining ICL, I received my diploma in applied mathematics from the Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb.

For more details, see my publications, CV, code or presentations.


  • New paper accepted for NAACL-HLT: SRL4ORL: Improving Opinion Role Labelling using Multi-task Learning with Semantic Role Labeling.
  • Our paper on resolution of anaphors that refer to propositions, facts, events or properties was presented at the EMNLP: slides and paper.
  • Interning at Amazon, Berlin during the summer.

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