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Éva Mújdricza-Maydt

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  • Hartmann, S., Éva Mújdricza-Maydt, Kuznetsov, I., Gurevych, I., and Frank, A. (2017):
    Assessing SRL Frameworks with Automatic Training Data Expansion. Proceedings of the 11th Linguistic Annotation Workshop (LAW-XI 2017). [ bib | .pdf ]


  • Eckart de Castilho, R., Éva Mújdricza-Maydt, Yimam, S., Hartmann, S., Gurevych, I., Frank, A., and Biemann, C. (2016):
    A Web-based Tool for the Integrated Annotation of Semantic and Syntactic Structures. Proceedings of the Workshop on Language Technology Resources and Tools for Digital Humanitites (LT4DH), Osaka, Japan, pp. 76--84, The COLING 2016 Organizing Committee. [ bib | .pdf ]
  • Éva Mújdricza-Maydt, Hartmann, S., Gurevych, I., and Frank, A. (2016):
    Combining Semantic Annotation of Word Sense & Semantic Roles: A Novel Annotation Scheme for VerbNet Roles on German Language Data. Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, Portorož, Slovenia, pp. 3031--3038. [ bib | .pdf ]


  • Éva Mújdricza-Maydt, Körkel-Qu, H., Riezler, S., and Padó, S. (2013):
    High Precision Sentence Alignment by Bootstrapping from Wood Standard Annotations. Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics, pp. 5--16. [ bib | .pdf ]


  • Martschat, S., Cai, J., Broscheit, S., Mújdricza-Maydt, E., and Strube, M. (2012):
    A multigraph model for coreference resolution. Proceedings of the Shared Task of the 16th Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning, Jeju, Korea, pp. 100--106. [ bib | .pdf ]


  • Cai, J., Éva Mújdricza-Maydt, and Strube, M. (2011):
    Unrestricted coreference resolution via global hypergraph partitioning. Proceedings of the 15th Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning, Portland, Oreg., 23-24 June 2011, pp. 56--60. [ bib | .pdf ]
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