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Artem Sokolov

I'm a researcher at the Statistical NLP Group, lead by Prof. Stefan Riezler. My current research concerns structural machine learning and ranking algorithms with applications to Statistical Machine Translation and Information Retrieval.

I moved to Heidelberg from the Spoken Language Processing Group, at the LIMSI laboratory in Orsay (Prof. François Yvon). Previously, at Orange Labs, R&D France Telecom in Lannion (France), I worked, as a postdoctoral researcher, on learning-to-rank algorithms for search engines with Dr. Tanguy Urvoy.

I obtained a PhD (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence) at the Neural Information Processing Technologies department of the Int. Research & Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems in Kyiv (Ukraine), in randomized distributed representations and neural-like locality-sensitive (similarity-preserving) symbol sequence embeddings, under supervision of DSc. Dmitri Rachkovskij.


Current and Recent Projects

  • "Weakly Supervised Learning of Cross-Lingual Systems" - accepted DFG project on learning machine translation systems from non-parallel data. Starts in second half of 2015.
  • "Cross-language Learning-to-Rank for Patent Retrieval" - DFG project that aims at direct integration of patent search quality metrics and translation systems to improve cross-lingual patent search
  • Quaero - European research and industrial project to develop technologies for automatic analysis and classification of multimedia and multilingual documents
  • Madspam - ANR project on methods of automatic spamdexing detection in large information networks

Recent Publications

  1. C. Lawrence, A. Sokolov, S. Riezler. Counterfactual Learning from Bandit Feedback under Deterministic Logging: A Case Study in Statistical Machine Translation, Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP), Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017 [poster]
  2. A. Sokolov, J. Kreutzer, K. Sunderland, P. Danchenko, W. Szymaniak, H. Fürstenau, S. Riezler. A Shared Task on Bandit Learning for Machine Translation, Conference on Machine Translation (WMT), Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017 [slides]
  3. J. Kreutzer, A. Sokolov, S. Riezler. Bandit Structured Prediction for Neural Sequence-to-Sequence Learning, Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL), Vancouver, Canada, 2017 [poster]
  4. A. Sokolov, J. Kreutzer, C. Lo, S. Riezler. Stochastic Structured Prediction under Bandit Feedback, Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), Barcelona, Spain, 2016 [poster]
  5. A. Sokolov, J. Kreutzer, C. Lo, S. Riezler. Learning Structured Predictors from Bandit Feedback for Interactive NLP, Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL), Berlin, Germany, 2016 [slides] [code 1] [code 2]
  6. V. Boteva, D. Gholipour, A. Sokolov, S. Riezler. A Full-Text Learning to Rank Dataset for Medical Information Retrieval, European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR), Padova, Italy, 2016 [poster] [data] [bib]
  7. A. Sokolov, S. Riezler, T. Urvoy. Bandit Structured Prediction for Learning from Partial Feedback in Statistical Machine Translation, MT Summit, Miami, FL, USA, 2015
  8. A. Sokolov, S. Riezler, S. B. Cohen. A Coactive Learning View of Online Structured Prediction in Statistical Machine Translation. In Proc. of the Conference of Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL), Beijing, China, 2015. [slides]
  9. A. Sokolov, F. Hieber, S. Riezler. Learning to Translate Queries for CLIR. In Proc. of the ACM SIGIR Conference (SIGIR), Gold Coast, Australia, 2014. [poster]
  10. A. Sokolov, G. Wisniewski, F. Yvon. Lattice BLEU Oracles for Machine Translation. Transactions on Speech and Language Processing (TSLP), ACM, 10(4)18:1-18:29, 2014. [publisher]
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Institut für Computerlinguistik,
Universität Heidelberg
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69120 Heidelberg

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