Welcome to the Statistical Natural Language Processing Group at the Institute for Computational Linguistics at Heidelberg University. Our research is on the intersection of machine learning and natural language processing, with a special focus on interactive statistical learning techniques. For example, we work on interactive neural machine translation and neural question answering systems, where an artificial intelligence agent learns from human reinforcement/bandit feedback.

We organize the weekly Statistical NLP Colloquium.

group photo
StatNLP group @ Botanical Gardens (next to our department)

Latest news

New publication at EAMT 2020

New research from the StatNLP group on Learning from Error Corrections and Markings will appear at the EAMT 2020. Please access the paper on arxiv. Our data set is publicly available here.

New publication at AfricaNLP workshop (ICLR 2020)

New research on Machine Translation for Africa has been accepted at the AfricaNLP workshop (ICLR 2020). The paper is available on arxiv.

New publication at LREC 2020

Updated version of LibrivoxDeEn corpus description to appear at LREC 2020. For more information on the corpus, see here.

New data release: LibriVoxDeEn

We released a new corpus for German-to-English Speech Translation and Speech Recognition. This dataset consists of sentence-aligned triples of German audio, German text, and English translation, based on German audio books. Please find the details here. The paper is available on arxiv.

New publication at IWSLT 2019

New research from the StatNLP group on Multi-Task Modeling of Phonographic Languages: Translating Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs has been accepted at the IWSLT 2019. Please access the paper here.