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Statistical Natural Language Processing Colloquium

The StatNLP Colloquium is a forum for advanced students in the area of statistical natural language processing to present their own research, to discuss new publications in the area, and to hear about the latest innovations from invited speakers. The Colloquium is organized jointly by the Chair of Linguistic Informatics (Prof. Dr. Stefan Riezler) at the Department of Computational Linguistics and the Database System Research Group (Prof. Dr. Michael Gertz) at the Department of Computer Science.


  • Location:  Mathematikon, Im Neuenheimer Feld 205, Seminarraum 11
  • Time:  Wednesday, 11:15am 12:45pm
  • Archive

Zeit Dozent Titel
April 24 Talk: Interactive Lecture Translation project
May 08 Reading group
May 15 Reading group
May 22 Reading group
May 29 Mayumi Ohta
ICL, Heidelberg University
Differential Privacy
June 05 Reading group
June 12 Tsz Kin Lam
ICL, Heidelberg University
Learning to learn Neural Machine Translation and Speech Translation
June 19 Reading group
June 26 Michael Staniek
ICL, Heidelberg University
Variance reduction properties of the reparameterization trick
July 03 Invited talk
Patrick Simianer
Adaptation for Interactive Neural Machine Translation [Abstract]
July 10 Raphael Schumann
ICL, Heidelberg University
(1) Medical Coding: Automatic ICD-10 code classification
(2) Transcription Errors in Context of Intent Detection and Filling
July 17 No meeting (LxMLS)
July 26 Invited talk
Daniel Beck
University of Melbourne
Natural Language Generation in the Wildi [Abstract]

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