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Statistical Natural Language Processing Colloquium

The StatNLP Colloquium is a forum for advanced students in the area of statistical natural language processing to present their own research, to discuss new publications in the area, and to hear about the latest innovations from invited speakers. The Colloquium is organized by the Chair of Linguistic Informatics (Prof. Dr. Stefan Riezler) at the Department of Computational Linguistics.


  • Location:   The colloquium is an online event.You can follow it at HeiConf (follow link).                    Please, contact hagmann(at) to obtain the access key.
  • Time:  Wednesday, 11:15am 12:45pm (CET)
  • Archive

Zeit Dozent Titel
Apr 19 Reading Group
Apr 26 Robert Baldock
Aleph Alpha
Research at Aleph Alpha
May 3 Reading Group
May 10 Nathan Berger
Heidelberg University
Integrating Token-level Feedback into NMT
May 17 Reading Group
May 24 Reading Group
May 31 Michael Staniek
Heidelberg University
Prompting LLMs for Geospatial Data
Jun 7 Reading Group
Jun 14 Reading Group
Jun 21 Raphael Schumann
Heidelberg University
Embodied LLM Agent for Vision and Language Navigation in Street View
Jun 28 Reading Group
Jul 5 Reading Group
Jul 12 Reading Group
Jul 19 Michael Hagmann
Heidelberg University
Symbolic Dynamics for Improved Out-of-Sample Generalization in Dynamical Systems
Jul 26 Marius Fracarolli
Heidelberg University

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