Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg


Current research themes

My research focuses on Advanced Semantic Analysis and Discourse Processing Models for Natural Language Understanding.

Current and recent research themes and applications include

  • Question Answering and Reading Comprehension
  • Discourse Relation Classification
  • Deep Sentiment Analysis
  • Multilingual Semantic Role Labeling
  • Abstract Anaphora Resolution
  • Knowledge-based Argumentation Analysis
  • Identifying Implicit Information in Discourse
Find out more about the research I conduct with my Research Group by consulting the publications and project pages.

Research areas I have been working on in the past

  • Ontologies for semantic processing and representation
    • Information extraction (relation extraction, temporal processing)
    • Multilingual question-answering
    • Ontology-based lexicon modelling
  • Corpus-based grammar induction and lexicon acquisition
    • Creation and use of treebanks and annotated corpora
    • Corpus-based induction of treebanks, grammars, and lexicon resources
    • Crosslingual resource induction using parallel corpora
  • Semantics and discourse analysis
    • Semantics construction and dynamic semantics, esp. Discourse Representation Theory
    • Scope and underspecification
    • Lexical semantics
    • Modality, propositional attitudes and discourse subordination
    • Temporal analysis
    • Textual entailment
  • Multilingual syntactic and semantic processing
    • Grammar formalisms and grammar engineering techniques
    • Multilingual syntactic analysis
    • Multilingual semantic analysis and resource creation
    • Grammar-based machine translation
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