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Below only recent publications are listed. Please find a full list in my CV.


  • Becker, M., Staniek, M., Nastase, V., Palmer, A., Frank, A. (2017):
    Classifying Semantic Clause Types: Modeling Context and Genre Characteristics with Recurrent Neural Networks and Attention. *SEM (Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics) [ pdf ]
  • Becker, M., Staniek, M., Nastase, V., and Frank, A. (2017):
    Enriching Argumentative Texts with Implicit Knowledge. Frasinca, F., Ittoo, A., Nguyen, L., and Metais, E. (eds.), Applications of Natural Language to Data Bases (NLDB) - Natural Language Processing and Information Systems, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer. [ bib ] [ pdf ]
    The final publication is available at Springer.
  • Becker, M., Palmer, A., and Frank, A. (2017):
    Semantic Clause Types and Modality as Features for Argument Analysis. Argument & Computation, Special Issue on Language and Argumentation. [ bib ] [ pdf ]


  • Becker, M. (2016):
    Argumentative Reasoning, Clause Types and Implicit Knowledge. Gaggl, S. and Thimm, M. (eds.), Proceedings of the Second Summer School on Argumentation: Computational and Linguistic Perspectives, pp. 1-2, [Best poster award]. [ bib | pdf ]
  • Becker, M., Palmer, A., and Frank, A. (2016):
    Clause Types and Modality in Argumentative Microtexts. Workshop on Foundations of the Language of Argumentation (in conjunction with COMMA 2016), Potsdam, Germany, pp. 1-9. [ bib | pdf ]
  • Becker, M., Palmer, A., and Frank, A. (2016):
    Argumentative texts and clause types. Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Argument Mining (ArgMining2016), Berlin, Germany, pp. 21-30. [ bib | pdf ]
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