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Statistical Natural Language Processing Colloquium

The StatNLP Colloquium is a forum for advanced students in the area of statistical natural language processing to present their own research, to discuss new publications in the area, and to hear about the latest innovations from invited speakers. The Colloquium is organized jointly by the Chair of Linguistic Informatics (Prof. Dr. Stefan Riezler) at the Department of Computational Linguistics and the Database System Research Group (Prof. Dr. Michael Gertz) at the Department of Computer Science.


  • Ort:  Mathematikon, Im Neuenheimer Feld 205, Seminarraum 10
  • Zeit:  Mittwoch, 11:15 Uhr 12:45 Uhr
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Zeit Dozent Titel
April 18 Reading Group

April 25 Reading Group

May 2 Reading Group

May 9 Invited talk
Ramón Astudillo
The impact of deep learning in Spoken Language Translation
May 16 TszKin Lam
ICL, Heidelberg University
A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Interactive-Predictive Neural Machine Translation
May 23 Invited talk
Abhijeet Gupta
IMS, University of Stuttgart
Entities in Distributional Semantics
June 13 Reading Group

June 20 Carolin Lawrence
ICL, Heidelberg University
Julia Kreutzer
ICL, Heidelberg University
Improving a Neural Semantic Parser by Counterfactual Learning from Human Bandit Feedback [Abstract]
Reliability and Learnability of Human Bandit Feedback for Sequence-to-Sequence Reinforcement Learning [Abstract]
June 27 Reading Group

July 4 Reading Group

July 11 Markus Zopf
TU Darmstadt
Pairwise Preferences between Summaries, Sentences, and n-Grams for Automatic Text Summarization
July 18 Reading Group

July 25 Michael Staniek
ICL, Heidelberg University
Sariya Karimova
ICL, Heidelberg University
Discrete-output Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient [Abstract]

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