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Statistical Natural Language Processing Colloquium

The StatNLP Colloquium is a forum for advanced students in the area of statistical natural language processing to present their own research, to discuss new publications in the area, and to hear about the latest innovations from invited speakers. The Colloquium is organized jointly by the Chair of Linguistic Informatics (Prof. Dr. Stefan Riezler) at the Department of Computational Linguistics and the Database System Research Group (Prof. Dr. Michael Gertz) at the Department of Computer Science.

  • Ort:  Mathematikon, Im Neuenheimer Feld 205, Seminarraum 10
  • Zeit:  Mittwoch, 11:15 Uhr 12:45 Uhr
  • Abweichende Zeiten und Veranstaltungsorte sind in rot markiert.
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Zeit Dozent Titel
April 26 Kick-off Meeting

May 3 SCIDATOS Briefing

May 17 Invited talk
Ryan Cotterell
Johns Hopkins University
Graphical Models over Strings
May 24 Invited talk
André Martins
Unbabel, IST Lisbon
Sparse Attention with Sparsemax & Pushing the Limits of Translation Quality Estimation
May 31 Julia Kreutzer
ICL, Heidelberg University
Bandit Structured Prediction for Neural Sequence-to-Sequence Learning
June 7 Invited talk
Pratik Gajane
Orange-labs, Lannion, France
Multi-armed Bandit Problem with Unconventional Feedback
June 14 Invited talk
Christian Wirth
Knowledge Engineering Group, TU Darmstadt
Efficient Preference-based Reinforcement Learning
Abstract ]
June 21 no colloquium today

June 28 Julian Hitschler
ICL, Heidelberg University
Talk postponed!
July 5 Carolin Lawrence
ICL, Heidelberg University
Counterfactual Learning from Bandit Feedback under Deterministic Logging
Abstract ]
July 12 Shigehiko Schamoni
ICL, Heidelberg University
A Model for Predicting Sepsis in Polytrauma Patients in the ICU
Abstract ]
July 19 Laura Jehl
ICL, Heidelberg University
Learning to translate from graded and negative relevance information
Abstract ]
July 26 Sariya Karimova
ICL, Heidelberg University
The first experiments with real users for post-editing NMT output
Abstract ]

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