June 2nd, 2024

Time for an update on recent work of the HD-NLP Group -- which includes an ICLR 2024 and a TACL publication, two main papers at ACL 2024, and papers at *SEM 2024, RATIO 2024 and SIGTYP 2024.

2024 started with new work by Frederick Riemenschneider and Kevin Krahn, who won the SIGTYP 2024 Shared Task with Enhancing Low-Resource Language Analysis With Character-Aware Hierarchical Transformers (last news update). and a collaboration across the Universities of KoƧ, Hacettepe, Heidelberg & Pisa, Amsterdam, Utrecht & Malta to develop VILMA, a new benchmark that helps answer the question how well video-language models can process spatio-temporal events, presented at ICLR 2024 in Vienna. See here for an overview. Next, we are happy to report on two papers by Xiyan Fu on Compositional Generalization: One appearing in TACL, to be presented at ACL 2024, another one to be presented in the upcoming *SEM Conference at NAACL 2024: Our project ACCEPT will present our recent work in the 1st International Conference on Recent Advances in Robust Argumentation Machines (RATIO-24): Last but not least, two long papers will appear in the ACL 2024 main conference in Bangkok: one first-authored by Letitia Parcalabescu, one by Moritz Plenz:
  • Moritz Plenz and Anette Frank: Graph Language Models. Proc. of the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2024).
Congratulations to all authors!