Moritz Plenz


+49 6221 54-3169
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Institut für Computerlinguistik
Im Neuenheimer Feld 325
D-69120 Heidelberg

About me / Research Statement:

Since April 2022, I am a Doctoral Student under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Anette Frank at the Department of Computational Linguistics at Heidelberg University. My research focuses on Argument Knowledge Graphs and is part of the ACCEPT project.
You can find my full CV here.


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ACCEPT at SemEval-2023 Task 3: An Ensemble-based Approach to Multilingual Framing Detection

Heinisch, P., Plenz, M., Frank, A., Cimiano, P. (2023)

Proceedings of the 17th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval-2023), Toronto, Canada.

Similarity-weighted Construction of Contextualized Commonsense Knowledge Graphs for Knowledge-intense Argumentation Tasks

Plenz, M., Opitz, J., Heinisch, P., Cimiano, P., Frank, A. (2023)

Proceedings of the 61st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 1: Long Papers), Toronto, Canada.

Argument Quality Prediction for Ranking Documents

Plenz, M., Buchmüller, R., Bondarenko, A. (2023)

Working Notes Papers of the CLEF 2023 Evaluation Labs, Thessaloniki, Greece.
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Data Augmentation for Improving the Prediction of Validity and Novelty of Argumentative Conclusions

Heinisch, P., Plenz, M., Opitz, J., Frank, A., Cimiano, P. (2022)

Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Argument Mining (ArgMining), Online and in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea.

Overview of the 2022 Validity and Novelty Prediction Shared Task

Heinisch, P., Frank, A., Opitz, J., Plenz, M., Cimiano, P. (2022)

Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Argument Mining (ArgMining), Online and in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea.
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Synthetic WFS model for LINC-NIRVANA interaction matrices

Arcidiacono, C., Bergomi, M., Farinato, J., Marafatto, L., Santakumari, K., Ragazzoni, R., Viotto, V., Herbst, T., Klettke, M., Briegel, F., Bertram, T., Bizenberger, P., Mathar, R., Santos, F., Plenz, M. (2020)

Adaptive Optics Systems VII.

Laboratory demonstration of focal plane wavefront sensing using phase diversity: a way to tackle the problem of NCPA in SHARK-NIR

Vassallo, D., Bergomi, M., Biondi, F., Carolo, E., Greggio, D., Marafatto, L., Umbriaco, G., Baruffolo, A., De Pascale, M., Plenz, M., Santakumari, K., Viotto, V., Sauvage, J., Fusco, T., Farinato, J. (2020)

Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy VIII.