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Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure – Deutschland (2011-2016)

Curation Projects

In the first phase of the project (2011-2014), two curation projects were organized and maintained by the FAG-7. In the scope of these projects, an annotation study for German non-standard texts was conducted on a wide range of annotation levels, and for the annotation process, the tool WebAnno was developed.

Through these projects, resources for the CLARIN-D community as well as for a broader public of researchers were developed. With the acquired experience, in the second phase (2014-2016) a third curation project was conducted continuing the aims of the previous projects.

We are pleased to present the outcomes of this efforts: the enhanced, flexible annotation tool WebAnno as well as the semantic annotations (WSD and SRL) for German on standard and non-standard corpora.

During the project phases of CLARIN-D, several workshops and meetings were organized by the FAG-7 in order to support co-operation among the researchers of the FAG-7 as well as in the broader research community.

  • Curation Projects 1-3
  • Workshops
  • Curation Project 1 (KP1) – on CLARIN, home page, software

    The first curation project "Implementierung einer webbasierten Annotationsplatform für linguistische Annotationen" are hosted at Technical University Darmstadt. Its main focus lies on the development of a web-based annotation platform that is integrated into the CLARIN-D-infrastructure. The project is led by Prof. Dr. Iryna Gurevych and Prof. Dr. Chris Biemann.

    Curation Project 2 (KP2) – on CLARIN, home page

    The second curation project "Linguistische Annotation von Nichtstandardvarietäten – Guidelines und Best Practices" is hosted at Ruhr-Universität Bochum and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and is concerned with the investigation of linguistic annotations for non-standard variants of German and the creation of annotation guidelines and best practice recommendations. The project is led by Prof. Dr. Anke Lüdeling and Prof. Dr. Stefanie Dipper.

    Curation Project 3 (KP3) – on CLARIN , home page

    The aim of the new curation project "Semantische Annotation für Digital Humanities" is to consolidate the successful work of the previous curation projects and to extend them in novel directions. The focus of the new curation project is on semantic annotation for Digital Humanities. The project is divided into three work packages:

    1. Consolidation and further development of WebAnno for practical use in DH projects
    2. Curation of resources for semantic annotation and further annotation of the NoSta-D corpus
    3. Supporting Shared Tasks for German for selected annotation types

    The project is led by Prof. Dr. Anette Frank, Prof. Dr. Iryna Gurevych, Prof. Dr. Chris Biemann, and Dr. Richard Eckart de Castilho.

    An overview of the project is giving in our project poster.


    NoSta-D Workshop

    "Annotation von Nicht-Standard-Varietäten im Deutschen", 24 Janary 2014, Heidelberg

    In this workshop, two main topics were discussed: the newest results of research regarding (a) the adaption/modification of the part-of-speech tagset STTS supporting non-standard texts, (b) difficult phenomena in annotating the dependency structure of non-standard texts.

    The official web page of the NoSta-D group contains materials and documentation, including guidelines and the NoSta-D Corpora.

    FAG-7 Meeting in Heidelberg

    On 9 March 2015, we organize an FAG-7 meeting in Heidelberg. Beyond our curation project, also related projects in the research field are presented. The meeting is also a forum for discussion on the project and possible further enhancements.

    FAG Workshop in Leipzig

    On 29th of June, the FAG-7 is participating in the FAG-wide workshop with a presentation on WebAnno – Dr. Richard Eckart de Castillho presents the enhanced features in the new release WebAnno 2.2.0 and demonstrates the usability of the tool. On the second day of the workshop, Prof. Anette Frank is participating in the panel discussion about the advantages of the CLARIN infrastructure in the broader areas of research.

    FAG-7 Meeting in Heidelberg

    At the end of May 2016, we sum up the current achievments of the curation project 3 and present them to the members and guests of the FAG-7. Also further co-operations are discussed.

    Forum CA3 in Hamburg

    In June 2016, on the CLARIN-D 'Forum CA3' in Hamburg, the results of CP3 are presented by Dr. Richard Eckart de Castilho and Éva Mújdricza-Maydt. Also posters on the areas A and B of the curation project inform the public on the details of the project.

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