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Knowledge Graphs


Studiengang Modulkürzel Leistungs-
BA-2010[100%|75%] CS-CL 6 LP
BA-2010[50%] BS-CL 6 LP
BA-2010[25%] BS-CL 4 LP
BA-2010 AS-FL 8 LP
Master SS-CL, SS-FAL 8LP
Dozenten/-innen Vivi Nastase
Veranstaltungsart PS/HS
Erster Termin 26.10.2017
Zeit und Ort Do, 09:1510:45, INF 306 / SR 14 (SR)
Commitment-Frist tbd.


  • Formale Semantik
  • Neural Methods in NLP


Course participation, one paper presentation and leading the discussion, final project.


Knowledge graphs are a powerful and versatile representation of lexical and world knowledge. They are a very special ecosystem of entities/concepts and relations, that define each other and that can be explored and exploited jointly to help with varied NLP tasks, such as question answering, summarization, reasoning.

In this course we will explore the issues of building knowledge graphs, representing them in various ways, learning within knowledge graphs, and learning to further grow them with or without external information.



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To be posted as the course goes along.

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