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Advanced Programming


Studiengang Modulkürzel Leistungs-
BA-2010 AS-CL 8 LP
Master SS-CL, SS-TAC 8 LP
Magister - -
Dozenten/-innen Schigehiko Schamoni
Veranstaltungsart Vorlesung/Übung
Erster Termin 23.04.2012
Zeit und Ort Mo, 11:1512:45, INF 325 / SR 23 (SR),
and INF 350 (OMZ) / R U012 (see below)


At least 'Programmieren I'.

Prior registration by Mail to lecturer.


This course is not part of the bachelor module "Advanced Programming for Computational Linguistics" (PII). See Programmieren II instead.


Regular participation and completion of programming project(s).


We will discuss advanced programming techniques with a focus on parallelization, large data and general efficiency. The course contains practical work (in class and at home) where we will implement small projects, primarily applications of machine learning. This course also includes an introduction to the hadoop cluster of the ICL (and of course MapReduce).


Homework should be done on self-responsibility (unless otherwise noted). However, participants are free to send their solutions to the instructur by email as attachment (tar.gz or zip only) if they want to discuss their approach in the following session or if they have a certain question.



+ = update
Datum Ort Sitzung Materialien
23.04. SR 23 Introduction, Computer-Architectures, C++ Intro, Slides, HW1
30.04. 022 U012 IWR-Pool, C++ Overview, Perceptron Slides++, HW2+
07.05. SR 23 Parallel Computing, Architectures and Algorithms (I) Slides+, HW3
14.05. R U012 Parallel Computing, Architectures and Algorithms (II) Slides, HW4
21.05. R U012 Perceptron on Multicore HW5
28.05. Pfingstmontag
04.06. SR 23 Parallel Algorithms, Scalability, MapReduce (I) Slides+, HW6
11.06. R U012 Recap and Discussion
18.06. SR 23 MapReduce (II), Datacenter as a Computer Slides+, HW7
25.06. R U012 MapReduce Algorithm Design Slides++, HW8+
02.07. SR 23 Information Retrieval and MapReduce Implementations Slides++
09.07. R U012 Implementing the Pairs Approach HW9+, HW10+
16.07. SR 23 Information Retrieval (II) List of Projects+
23.07. R U012 Discussion of Projects


SR 23: INF 325, SR 23
R 022: INF 325, R 022 (CIP-Pool CL)
R U012: INF 350 (OMZ), R U012 (CIP-Pool IWR), How to find the IWR pool


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