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Space, Time and Event Representations for Semantic Processing

Module Description

Course Module Abbreviation Credit Points
BA-2010 AS-FL 8 LP
Master SS-CL, SS-FAL 8 LP
Lecturer Michael Herweg
Module Type Hauptseminar
Language English
First Session 29.04.2019
Time and Place Monday, 14:15-15:45, INF 329 / SR 26
Commitment Period tbd.

Prerequisite for Participation

- introduction to logic
- formal and computational semantics


- active participation
- presentation
- term paper or project


The representation and processing of spatial and temporal information in texts is an important component of many applications in computational linguistics. The course will cover the following topics:
- the linguistic means to express information about space, time and events;
- their representation in computational ressources, in particular lexical databases such as FrameNet and WordNet;
- influential approaches to the representation and processing of space, time and events from theoretical and computational linguistics, logic and knowledge representation / AI, including relevant ontologies and systems of spatial and temporal reasoning;
- specialized markup standards for spatial and temporal annotation such as TimeML and SpaceML;
- NLP applications like temporal and spatial tagging of texts, generation of route directions, medical language understanding and others.
The final selection of topics and focus areas will depend on the participants' interests and preferences.

Module Overview


Date Session Materials


- will be announced in the class

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