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Research Module for MA-Students (Frank)

Module Description

Course Module Abbreviation Credit Points
Master SS-FM 20 LP
Lecturer Anette Frank
Module Type Hauptseminar
Language English
First Session 19.04.2023
Time and Place Wednesday, 14:00-15:30,
INF 325, Raum 124
Commitment Period tbd.

Prerequisite for Participation

Registration via normal CL registration procedure, until 2023-04-18, 18:00


Successful participation in all phases of a research project.


Jointly with the participants, current research topics are selected and used to define and conduct research projects that will be conducted by the students. Possibilities include, for example, projects in commonsense inference, text generation or multi-modal analysis. The research project encompasses literature research, experimental design, implementation, evaluation and a final written report (preferrably a publication). Module language is English. If all participants prefer German, the module language can be changed to German.

Module Overview


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