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Tool-Augmented Large Language Models

Module Description

Course Module Abbreviation Credit Points
BA-2010[100%|75%] CS-CL 6 LP
BA-2010[50%] BS-CL 6 LP
BA-2010[25%] BS-AC, BS-FL 4 LP
BA-2010 AS-CL 8 LP
Master SS-CL, SS-TAC 8 LP
Lecturer Raphael Schumann
Module Type Proseminar / Hauptseminar
Language English
First Session 17.04.2024
Time and Place Wednesday, 17:15 - 18:45, INF 325 / SR 24
Commitment Period tbd.

First session

The first session will be online only: heiCONF link.


All advanced Bachelor students and all Master students. Students from Computer Science, Mathematics or Scientific computing with Anwendungsgebiet Computational Linguistics are welcome.

Prerequisite for Participation

  • Completion of Programming I and Introduction to Computational Linguistics or similar introductory courses
  • Introduction to Neural Networks


  • Paper presentation
  • Implementation project
  • Prepare questions for each session's paper


This course provides an in-depth exploration of tool-augmented large language models, focusing on the integration and utilization of external tools and APIs to enhance the capabilities of LLMs.

Participants will learn about the mechanisms how tools can be incorporated, how their usage can be learned, and the practical applications of these augmented systems.


  • "Toolformer: Language Models Can Teach Themselves to Use Tools",
  • "TALM: Tool Augmented Language Models",
  • » More Materials

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