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Meaning Representations: Recent Advances in Parsing and Generation

Module Description

Course Module Abbreviation Credit Points
BA-2010 AS-FL 8 LP
BA-2010 AS-CL 8 LP
BA-2010[100%|75%] CS-CL 6 LP
BA-2010[50%] BS-CL 6 LP
Lecturer Juri Opitz
Module Type Proseminar / Hauptseminar
Language Englisch
First Session 09.11.2020
Time and Place Monday, 09:15-10:45, Online
End of Commitment Period tbd.

Prerequisite for Participation

  • Introduction to Formal Semantics
  • Statistical Methods
  • Assessment

  • Präsentation
  • Projekt/Hausarbeit
  • Content

    After an overview over different kinds of meaning representations for sentences and discourse, we will discuss recent approaches to generating such representations from text (parsing) and generating text from these representations (generation).

    Module Overview


    Datum Sitzung Materialien
    9.11.2020 Welcome (JO) Course overview
    16.11.2020 Introduction to Meaning Representations (LG) slides
    23.11.2020 (Evaluation) Metrics (ML) slides
    30.11.2020 Neural Seq2Seq (Sutskever et al. 2013 or Vaswani et al. 2017: NM) slides
    7.12.2020 Neural Seq2Seq for AMR parsing and generation (Konstas et al. 2017: CR) and (van Noord and Bos 2017: SU) slides (CR), slides (SU)
    14.12.2020 AMR parsing with MT pretraining (Xu et al. 2020: NM) slides
    11.1.2021 Graph encoders for text2amr (Song et al. 2018: KH) slides
    18.1.2021 AMR parsing with graph prediction (Cai and Lam 2020: PM) slides
    25.1.2021 Transition-based AMR parsing (Wang et al. 2015: JG) and (Lindemann et al. 2020: SL)
    1.2.2021 Cross-lingual AMR parsing (Damonte et al. 2017: BI) and (Blloshmi et al. 2020: YG)
    8.2.2021 DRS Parsing (Liu et al. 2018: LG)
    15.2.2021 Paper of your choice (Zhong et al. 2020 - "Grounded Adaptation for Zero-shot Executable Semantic Parsing": SL)
    22.2.2021 Wrap-up, project discussion


  • Kamp, H. and Reyle, U., 2013. From discourse to logic: Introduction to modeltheoretic semantics of natural language, formal logic and discourse representation theory (Vol. 42). Springer Science & Business Media.
  • Banarescu, L., Bonial, C., Cai, S., Georgescu, M., Griffitt, K., Hermjakob, U., Knight, K., Koehn, P., Palmer, M. and Schneider, N., 2013, August. Abstract meaning representation for sembanking. In Proceedings of the 7th linguistic annotation workshop and interoperability with discourse (pp. 178-186).
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