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Annotation Schemes: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Applications


Studiengang Modulkürzel Leistungs-
BA-2010 AS-FL 8 LP
Master SS-CL, SS-FAL 8 LP
Dozenten/-innen Michael Herweg
Veranstaltungsart Hauptseminar
Sprache English
Erster Termin 17.10.2022
Zeit und Ort Montags, 10:15-11:45, INF 327 / SR 5
Commitment-Frist tbd.


  • Logical Foundations of Computational Linguistics
  • Computational and Formal Semantics


Presentation and term project or term paper


LP applications which require a deeper understanding of the meaning of texts and utterances foster the need for complex annotation schemes that allow to label corpora with rich semantic information. These annotation schemes often have to include complex knowledge that comprises general knowledge about various kinds of objects, social entities, activities, events, times, locations, destinations etc., as well as more specific knowledge about concepts characteristic of particular domains, such as business sectors, healthcare etc. This often leads to rather elaborate annotation schemes which are grounded in formal representations of both general knowledge and knowledge about particular areas of application.

The seminar will, on the one hand, deal with the theoretical underpinnings of advanced annotation schemes in formal representations of knowledge. On the other hand, we will take a closer look at selected practical applications of annotations for domain-specific corpora from branches as diverse as healthcare, media, finance and possibly more. In addition to studying the formal foundations of existing semantically comprehensive annotation schemes there will be room for some practical work, i.e. designing, implementing and testing annotation schemes for semantically challenging areas of application selected at the discretion of the participants.


The Handbook of Linguistic Annotation provides a good introduction and overview.

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