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Four Computational Linguistics Ph.D. dissertations defended at ICL and HITS in December and January!

Matthias Hartung and Britta Zeller, both former Ph.D. students at the Institute for Computational Linguistics, have defended their theses in December, with great success.

Matthias' thesis on "Distributional Semantic Models of Attribute Meaning in Adjectives and Nouns" was developed under supervision of Prof. Anette Frank.

Britta's thesis on the "Induction, Semantic Validation and Evaluation of a Derivational Morphology Lexicon for German" was written in the context of the EXCITEMENT project under supervision of Prof. Sebastian Pado, formerly at ICL.

In December and January, Angela Fahrni and Yufang Hou, former Ph.D. students at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, defended their theses, equally with great success.

Both Angela's dissertation on "Joint Discourse-aware Concept Disambiguation and Clustering" and Yufang's thesis "Unrestricted Bridging Resolution" were supervised by Prof. Michael Strube.

All PhD students were enrolled in our joint ICL and HITS Doctoral Program "Semantic Processing".

Very soon, all PhD theses will be published open access at HEIDok.

We congratulate Matthias, Britta, Angela and Yufang for their very successful research and completed dissertations, and wish them all the best for their future career!

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