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Prof. Dr. Anette Frank

Anette Frank


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My research focuses on corpus-based statistical methods for multilingual semantic and discourse processing and NLP applications built thereon, including NLP for natural language understanding and information access and NLP for cultural heritage.

I am member of the standing reviewer committee of TACL and member of the Editorial Board of the Computational Linguistics Journal (2018 -- 2021).

Consult my research and publication pages and the pages of the Computational Linguistics Research Group.

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I am Area Chair for the ACL 2019 Conference in Florence

Looking forward to a great conference!

Selected new publications

DFG accepts new project on Knowledge-based Argumentation Analysis

The new project ExpLAIN: Between the lines -- Knowledge-based Analysis of Argumentation in a formal Argumentation Inference System is funded within the DFG priority program RATIO: Robust Argumentation Machines.

The project will be jointly conducted by Prof. Anette Frank and Prof. Heiner Stuckenschmidt (University of Mannheim) and their associated research groups.

The project will

  • uncover missing explanatory links in argumentative texts,
  • fill in automatically acquired knowledge that makes the structure of the argument explicit, and
  • will establish and verify the knowledge-enhanced argumentation structure with a combination of formal reasoning and machine learning.

Within the priority programme RATIO: Robust Argumentation Machines we will contribute to community actions, shared tasks and evaluation efforts.

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